Tue. Feb 25th, 2020

1 thought on “Visiting Sisaket and Kantharalak in Isan

  1. KANTHARALK is about 7 hours drive east of Bangkok. Mostly a farming area and as stated the people of that ares have a special kind of trust and honesty about them. There are a few expats living in and around KANTHARALAK and living a comfortable life compared to their country of origin. There are some nice restaurants and hotels reasonable priced and much cheaper than Bangkok / Sydney / New York or London.

    It is safe to walk the streets day and night, children are welcome everywhere and it is a nice relaxing town in the north east of Thailand. There is also a jail about 10 ks out of town where You can enjoy coffee and a snack or leave a gift for the ladies ?? As You imagine I visit KANTHARALAK quite a bit and look forward to returning each time. Not far from the border or Sisaket also worth a visit

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