Wat Chedi Luang (วัดเจดีย์หลวง) or “Temple of the Big Stupa” is a ancient Buddhist temple located in the center of the old city of Chiang Mai, very close to Wat Chiang Man.

This temple was built in the 14th century during the reign of King Saen Muang Ma, and was finished in mid-15th century during the reign of king Tilokaraj. Wat Chedi Luang was 82 m high but the chedi was destroyed during an earthquake. In the early 90s, the UNESCO and the Japanese government sponsored restoration of the temple. On the southern side of the temple, the base is decorated with elephant statues.

Wat Chedi Luang Worawihan hosts the city pillar or “Lak Mueang” of Chiang Mai, named Sao Inthakin.

Address: 103 Road King Prajadhipok Phra Singh, Muang District, Chiang Mai, 50200, Thailand
Phone:+66 53 276 140

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