Wat Sap Takhro or Wat Trai Sirimongkhon วัดไตรสิริมงคล (วัดซับตะคร้อ) is a Buddhist temple located in Nong Bun Mak (formerly known as Nong Bunnak), a small rural village in Nakhon Ratchasima province.

This temple has a beautiful golden ubosot and walls and a noticeable 3-storey tower outside the compound just before the entrance guarded by 4 Chinese guardian lions.

Wat Sap Takhro, is visited by local devotees especially during the Songkran Festival, Buddhist Festivals and the Spirit Peace Walk performed by child monks. The temple is also a place for Novice Ordination and meditation.

There is another temple with the same name located in Chaiyaphum province, also in Northeastern Thailand.

Photos courtesy of Ya tonavanik and Donavanik.

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