Wat Lokaya Sutha is a Buddhist temple located in Ayutthaya Historical Park, in the Pratuchai district of Ayutthaya, Thailand. This temple is considered sacred by the devotees as it is famous for its giant 8 meters high and about 29 meters long Reclining Buddha which is considered a lucky Buddha statue because remains intact compared to the other monuments in the ruins of Ayutthaya.

This area has a total of three monuments located on the large area surrounded by the Chao Phraya River, the Khlong Muang or City Canal, and the Khlong Tho Canal:

Wat Lokaya Sutha (วัดโลกยสุธาราม)
Wat Worapoh (วัดวรโพธิ์)
Wat Worachettharam (วัดวรเชษฐาราม)

Visitors can visit the Wat Lokaya Sutha only, because the other two temples were almost completely destroyed and covered with wild trees.

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