Suriyothai was queen during the early part of the reign of King Maha Chakkraphat amid the Ayutthaya kingdom from 1548 to 1568 (2091 to 2106 Buddhist Era).

A memorial chedi for Queen Suriyothai

Chedi Phra Sri Suriyothai (เจดีย์พระศรีสุริโยทัย) is a memorial chedi to Queen Suriyothai built by King Maha Chakkraphat in her honor. King Maha Chakkraphat ordered a sumptuous cremation, and built a marvelous temple with a large stupa to house her remains. The chedi was built on the location where the queen was cremated.

Chedi Phra Sri Suriyothai is located at Si Suriyothai Park, Wat Suanluang Sopsawan (วัดสวนหลวงสบสวรรค์) in the bank of the Chao Phraya River, in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya.

Photos by Scorpian PK, Heinrich Damm and Adventure in Thailand.


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