Suvarnabhumi International Airport , BAngkok

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport departures.

Suvarnabhumi Airport

Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok

Information about Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok, Thailand.

His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej had conferred the name “Suvarnabhumi”, which means “The Golden Land” and proceeded to preside over the foundation stone laying ceremony of the passenger terminal on Saturday of 19th January B.E. 2552

Suvarnabhumi Airport the Gateway to Asia

Suvarnabhumi Airport has an area of 20,000 Rai (8,000 acres), situates on Bangna-Trad Road, Km 15. and is 25 km. far from Bangkok.

Initial Phase

  • Can Accommodate 45 million passengers per year
  • Can Support 76 flights per hour
  • Can Support of 3 million tons of cargo per year

Building and Facilities

A single Passenger Terminal serving both domestic and international passengers, with a usable area of around 563,000 Square Meters.

The Passenger Building comprises of 7 floors and 2 basements.

    1st Floor Bus and Taxi Service

  • 2nd Floor Domestic and International Arrivals
  • 3rd Floor Shops, Restaurants and CIP rooms
  • 4th Floor Domestic and International Departures comprises of Thai Airways International Premium Passenger Service, immigration , customs , airline check-in counters and Airport Information Counters
  • 5th Floor Thai Airways International Public Company Limited and Star Alliance Offices
  • 6th Floor One Stop Service Center of Suvarnbhumi Airport
  • 7th Floor View Point

Basements are arranged for Airport Express Station, Airport Express Platform and area for luggage conveyor transport system.

Concourse Buildings
There are 7 four-storey buildings A, B, C, D, E, F and G. Concourse building A serves domestic passengers, concourse building B serves international passengers from 21.00-04.00 hour. Concourse Buildings C, D, E, F and G serve international passengers.

There are 2 runways in the first phase, the east runway is 4,000 m. long and 60 m. wide and the west runway is 3,700 m. long and 60 m. wide There are 52 taxiways.

Aircraft Apron
There are 51 contact gates and 69 remote parking bays. There are 8 parking bays for Airbus A380, of which 5 are contact gates.

Aviation Control Tower
With 132.2 m. in height, it is the World’s tallest aviation control tower, fully equipped with state of the art technology air traffic service, to handle 76 flights per hour.

Fire Brigade and Rescue Building
There are 3 stations. The main station is responsible for the fire-fighting of the buildings. The 2 substations, located between the east and west runways, are responsible for the fire-fighting of aircrafts. Each station meets the Level 10 of the Fire and Rescue Services standard of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Aviation Meteorology Bureau
The Aviation Meteorology Bureau is responsible for supporting aviation activities at Suvarnabhumi Airport, conforming with standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization and the World Meteorology Organization, by installing the meteorological equipment and system providing aviation meteorological information for the benefit of monitoring and reporting aviation weather conditions, weather forecast at the airport and flight routes, with ability to issue warnings of hazardous weather condition.

The Power Sub-station
The station has a panel board transforming the voltage of 115 KV received from the Metropolitan Electricity Authority into 24 KV.

The Water Supply Station
The Water Supply Station obtains water from the Metropolitan Water Works Authority and supplys to the passenger terminal and other buildings through 35 km. underground pipeline network. The water supply station can accommodate 40,000 cubic meters, in accordance with the standard of the International Civil Aviation Organization

The Waste Water Treatment Plant
The Waste Water Treatment Plant serves collects waste water from the passenger terminal and other buildings through the underground pipeline network for treatment. Currently, it can treat 18,000 cubic meters waste water per day. The treated waste water is recycled for using in the air-condition cooling system and for watering the plants around the Airport.

The Electricity and Cooling Water Generation Plant
The Electricity and Cooling Water Generation Plant is operated by District Cooling System and Power Plant Co., Ltd., a state enterprise of the Ministry of Energy under a joint venture with PTT, EGAT and MEA. The joint venture invested in the construction of district cooling system and power plant, which uses natural gas as fuel for generating the electricity by the
co-generating system to supply Suvarnabhumi Airport. Moreover, the surplus of the energy from the electricity generation, namely the thermal energy, is used for generating cold water and steam, to use in the air-conditioning system in the Passenger Terminal.

The Technological and Airport Information Building
The Technological and Airport Information Building consists of 4 main control centers, Airport Operation Center, Security Control Center, Emergency State Control Center and Network Management Center.

The Car Park Building
There are 2 car park buildings in front of the Passenger Terminal, which can accommodate approx. 5,000 cars and there is also a 30,000 m2 car park area that can accommodate 1,000 cars.

The Public Transport Center
The Public Transport Center has a total area of about 42,000 m2 or 26 Rai. The area is divided into a car park area and a waiting area for various mode of transpartation, such as taxi, limousines, and car rentals. Moreover, within the center, there is a bus terminal for 2 types of public transportation stations, for Bangkok Mass Transport Authority (BMTA) and Transport Company Limited buses. There are also a petrol station and a convenient store.

Duty-Free Zone (Cargo Warehouses)
The government has a policy to promote Suvarnabhumi Airport as a Center of Aviation, Passenger and Cargo Transportation. Therefore, the Duty-Free Zone was created in order to facilitate the handling of inbound, outbound cargo and transit cargo with minimum customs procedure. The Duty Free Zone is located in the northwest end of the Airport, and has a total area of 549,416 m2 or about 345 Rai, as a well as public area of 111,156 m2 .The main buildings consist of
– Thai Airways International Public Company Limited and WFSPG Cargo Company Limited Cargo handling building.
– 4 Warehouse
– 4 Freight Forwarding Agency Buildings
– Office Building for Customs Office and related government agencies
– Free Trade Zone Administrator Building

Phone Numbers

  • Suvarnabhumi Airport Call Center: 0-2132-1888
  • Thai Airways International Call Center: 0-2356-1111
  • Suvarnabhumi Airport Lost Property Counter: 0-2132-1880 , 0-21321890
  • Left Baggage: 0-2134-7795-6
  • Tourist Police: 0-2135-1155 , 0-2134-4070
  • Limousine Service Counter: 0-2134-2323-5
  • Tourist Information Center: 0-2134-4079
  • Novotel Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel: 0-2131-1111
  • CIP Rooms 08:00 AM – 05:00 PM: 0-2132-9371
  • CIP Rooms 05:00 PM – 08:00 AM: 0-2132-0168

Airport Limousine

Airport Limousine (24 hours service) with various kinds of cars operates by Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited

– Positioning of the rented car can be tracked with the Geographic Positioning System (GPS) for the convenience and security of the passenger.
– Service rates is according to the distance traveled.
– Contact the Airport Limousine Service Counter on the 2nd Floor at Baggage Claims and Arrival Hall exits, channel A, B and C
– For information please contact Tel.: 0 2134-2323 -5

Public Taxi

24 hours service
Fare charged according to the distance traveled plus a fee of THB 50 for the driver For taxi service please contact at

Platform of Passenger Terminal on the 1st Floor, Gates 4 and 7 For enquiry contact Tel.: 0-2132-9199

Airport Express

  • Service from 05:00 – 24:00 hours
  • Please contact the Airport Express Counter in Passenger Terminal 1, Gate 8
  • Rates THB 150 / Fare
  • For more information please contact Tel : 0 2134 8030

Bus (Borkhorsor)

  • Service from 05.40 – 21.00 hours
  • The service is available at Public Transport Center
  • Tickets are available at the service counter of BorKhorSor (Passenger Terminal, Public Transport Center)
    Flat rate fares
  • For more information please contact 0 2134 4097-9

Shuttle bus within Airport 24-hour Service

  • Two lines of service within Suvarnabhumi Airport namely local line and express line
  • Free service for passengers and employees working in the airport
  • For more information please contact 0 2132 9532

Public Van

  • Fares THB 25 – 70
  • Service at Public Transport Center and pick up – return to
  • Platform of Arrival Hall on 1st Floor, Gate 3 and 8
  • Platform of Departure Hall on 4th Floor, Gate 5
  • For more information please contact 0 2134 0171

Car Rental

  • Contact Car Rental Service Counter in the area near Domestic Arrival Hall; near the luggage conveyor belt No. 2 and near International Arrival Hall, between entrances 7 and 8
  • Pick-up – Return car at Car Rental Service Office, Public Transport Center
  • The Car Rental Offices are located in the Public Transport Center

Avis: International Rent A Car Co., Ltd. (AVIS) For more information please contact 0-2251-2038
Hertz: Paragon Car Rental Co., Ltd. (Hertz) For more information please contact 0-2266-5070 Ext. 600
Budget: World Class Rent A Car Co., Ltd. (Budget) For more information please contact 0-2203-9251
THAI CAR RENTAL ASSOCIATION: For more information please contact 0-2204-1454

Parking: For more information and map, please, click here


  • Service is available at Public Transport Center
  • Fares THB 24 – 35
  • For more information please contact phone number 184

No. 549
Suvarnabhumi Airport – Minburi: (24 hours)
Lardkrabang Police Station – Romklaw Rd. – Kasenbundit Uni.- Sereethai Rd.-Bangkapi

No. 550
Suvarnabhumi – Happy Land: (24 hours)
On-nutch Rd. – Khet Prawes – On-nutch Intersection – Bangapi Intersection – Happy Land

No. 551
Suvarnabhumi Airport – Victory Monument: (24 hours)
Motorway – Ksembundit Uni. – Klongton Pol.Station – Department of Public Works and Tow & Country Planning – MCOT – Dindaeng – Victory Monument

No. 552
Suvarnabhumi Airport – Klongtoey: (05.00 – 23.00 hours)
Bangna Trad Rd. –Chularat Hospt. – Ramkamhaeng 2 – Central Bnagna – Udomsuk – BTS Station (On-nutch) – Ekkamai – Asoke – QSNCC – Lotus – Klongtoey

No. 552A
Suvarnabhumi Airport – Samuthprakarn: (24 hours)
Bangna Trad Rd. –Chularat 1Hospt. – Ramkamhaeng 2 – Central Bnagna – Samrong – Samuthprakarn – Praeksa Garage

No. 553
Suvarnabhumi Airport – Samuthprakarn: (05.00 – 22.45 hours)
Kingkaew Rd. – Wat Salud (Bangna-Trad) – Ramkhamhaeng 2 – Srinakarin Rd. – Theparak intersection – Crocodile Farm – Samutprakarn (Pak Nam)

No. 554
Suvarnabhumi Airport – Rangsit: (24 hours)
Ram Inthra Rd. – Laksi – Vibhavadee Rangsit Rd. – Donmuang – Rnasit

No. 555
Suvarnabhumi Airport – Rangsit: (Rama 9 Expressway) (06.00 – 02.00 hours)
Dindaeng – Suthisarn – Vibhavadee Rangsit – Kaset Uni – Laksi – Donmuang –Rangsit

No. 556
Suvarnabhumi Airport – South Bus Terminal: (06.00 – 21.45 hours)
Yomrat – Democarcy Monument – Sanam Luang – Pata Deartment Store – New South Bus Terminal

No. 558
Suvarnabhumi Airport – Central Rama 2 : (Expressway) (5.00 – 23.00 hours)
Bangna Trad Rd. – Daokanong – Wat Son – Suksawas Rd. – Ram 2 Rd. – Cetral Rama 2 – Samaedam

No. 559
Suvarnabhumi Airport – Rangsit : (Expressway) 05.00 – 23.00 hours)
Sereethai Rd. – Siam Park – Noparat Hospital – Fashoin Island – Expressway (Ring Road) – Lamlukka – Dream World – Klong 4, 3, 2, 1 – Suchat Market

Note: Suvarnabhumi Airport, together with the Immigration division, have signed a memorandum of understanding to improve the airport service quality. Starting from 24th June 2010, passengers won’t have to stand in passport queues longer than 24 minutes. This will result in the passengers having more time for pre-boarding activities such as shopping and eating.

Their ultimate aim is to put Suvarnabhumi in the Top Ten Best Airports in the World.


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