About | Adventure in Thailand

About | Adventure in Thailand


Adventure in Thailand was born from an idea I had as “intrepid” traveler, lover of nature in its pure state and a country called Thailand (and its girls).

Thru time spent there I have achieved vast knowledge of Thailand. At first this site was a “travel packages” oriented website offering cruises and other travel-related stuff. Right know the website focuses on some of the most interesting places you can visit in the kingdom of Thailand. Photos which I took personally and maps that will help you get a exact idea about Thailand, its friendly people, temples, and Thailand’s most picturesque beaches, islands, mountains and tropical jungles.

Adventure in Thailand offers a different view from the traveler–the real Thailand: sometimes wild, with wide-open beaches, blue waters and white sand, lakes, islands, high mountains, wildlife, temples, monuments and a hands-on experience of the true Thailand.

This website doesn’t pretend to be the encyclopedia of Thailand. I just wanted to share some of my trips to the land of the smiles.

And yes, the design of this website is a bit futuristic. How to navigate through the website? The main menu is on the header. The “Home” menu dropdown shows the locations, points of interest such temples, monuments etc with maps and pictures. “Blog” mean my posts, just take a look at the left sidebar and below the content there is an “accordion” menu which includes some useful functions such as “share”, the comments or the gallery. Just click on any image to view a larger version.

You’ll see 2 arrows in the left footer (older and newer posts) use it to navigate through different posts. The “plus” symbol on the right footer opens a sidebar. There’s also a switch to display 2 map types: Map or Satellite. Located on the right, a minus/plus symbol lets you zoom in and out the map. Drag the Pegman and hoover over the map to enjoy street view.

Most of the photos on the blog entries were taken by myself, while other pictures come from Wikimedia Commons, Panoramio (Creative Commons) giving credit to the author(s).

I’m also looking for investors to build a very original resort in a wonderful place in Thailand. If you’re interested just contact me